Bike Races & Marathons

In promoting health and wellness, Meijer sponsors many bike races and marathons that bring people of all ages outdoors to take part in activities that promote physical fitness. We believe in getting people moving with competitions that help create healthy, active communities.

For example, we sponsor some of the biggest races across the Midwest, such as the Detroit Press Marathon, Illinois Marathon, Kentucky Derby Marathon and the Indy 500 Marathon.

For those who like to test their endurance on two wheels, Meijer is also a proud sponsor of high-profile bike races, including the Iceman Cometh Challenge, the Ore to Shore and the Wish-A-Mile Bicycle Tour.

The Iceman Cometh is a 30-mile point-to-point cross-country mountain bike race that travels from downtown Kalkaska to Traverse City in Northern Michigan. Marquette Store Director John Spaulding has participated in this event for the past 18 years.

“I love that Meijer has supported this race for as many years,” Spaulding said. “This race brings the Traverse City community together and helps fund many nonprofit organizations. Many of the riders are coming from the Midwest and they’ve told me how much they appreciate the Meijer sponsorship and let me know which is their home Meijer store.”

The Meijer Slush Cup and Sno-Cone events offer an 8-mile course for novice riders, as well as a race for children, ages 10 and younger. This annual event draws more than 12,000 spectators who line the courses to catch all the biking action.

Ore to Shore in Michigan’s Marquette County is the Midwest’s largest point-to-point mountain bike race spanning 48 miles. It offers varying distances and terrain levels to fit the skill level of individual riders and immerses participants in some beautiful Upper Peninsula scenery. Spaulding also trains to participate in this event.

Meijer is pleased to partner with Make-A-Wish for its annual Wish-A-Mile Bicycle Tour, a three-day ride that rolls through 300 miles of Michigan countryside.

We also sponsor numerous 5k walks across our six-state footprint for organizations, such as the American Heart Association, Relay for Life and Gilda’s Club. Our support comes in the form of financial contributions or food for participants, such as bananas, bagels, water and chocolate milk.

For example, Meijer partners with the American Heart Association to sponsor several walks across the Midwest. These are true community events with participants of all ages coming together to support a healthy cause. The AHA is the nation’s oldest and largest voluntary organization dedicated to fighting heart disease and stroke, and has more than 22.5 million volunteers and supporters.