Community & Family

As a family-owned company, Meijer is committed to enriching lives in the communities we serve. By partnering with others to host community events across our six-state footprint each year, we are deepening our involvement in the places we call home.

“These events are important to the community because they bring families together,” said Cathy Cooper, Senior Director of Community Partnerships and Giving for Meijer. “We are all about supporting families and communities. Anything that we do from a community engagement standpoint is focused on family and getting families together.”

Meijer is proud to strengthen our roots throughout the Midwest as we continue to develop community partnerships, especially ones focused on supporting families.

This commitment began with our founder, Hendrik Meijer, and his son, Fred, who opened the first store in Greenville, Mich., more than 85 years ago. They became part of that community. Their customers were their neighbors, friends and community members.

Meijer was a thread in the community, and therefore, they understood the importance of helping it thrive and grow. Over the years, Meijer has repeated that commitment in each of the communities it serves across the Midwest.