Food Rescue

Meijer works with numerous food banks in the communities we serve that work tirelessly each day to get more food into the hands of our struggling neighbors. Meijer launched a Food Rescue program in 2008 to help offset that burden and the amount of food in our stores that would otherwise go to waste.

In 2019, Meijer donated more than 13.1 million pounds of quality, close-dated food – or the equivalent of nearly 11 million meals – to local food banks. The U.S. Department of Agriculture defines a meal as 1.2 pounds of food.

“Our Meijer partnership has been invaluable as it has allowed us to reach a growing number of families in need across our service area,” said Keith Williamson, Executive Director of Second Harvest Food Bank in Springfield, Ohio. “It is just another valuable piece of solving the ‘hunger puzzle,’ allowing us to provide healthy choice center-of-plate protein items, as well as grains and vegetables.”

Food banks pick up fresh food, including meat, cheese and select deli and bakery items, from our 246 Meijer stores multiple times each week.