Health & Wellness

Meijer was built on a fundamental philosophy of supporting the communities we serve.

One way we do that is by highlighting opportunities that promote healthy lifestyles whether that involves active participation in physical activities like bike races and marathons or ensuring awareness of the Meijer free medication program and the United Way Workforce Campaign.

Since 2006, Meijer pharmacies have filled more than 52 million free prescriptions, saving customers more than $702 million. The program covers the most commonly prescribed antibiotics and prenatal vitamins.

Meijer team members historically participate in the United Way Workforce Campaign that aims to improve the lives of those in need by meeting critical needs of the community. In 2019, Meijer team members raised nearly $3 million.

Each year, Meijer extends an opportunity to our more than 70,000 team members to support the United Way campaign by making a pledge. Meijer collects the pledges after the three-week campaign and distributes the donations to more than 90 individual United Way organizations throughout our six-state footprint through weekly payroll deductions.

Each partnering United Way distributes the contributions to a variety of local agencies and programs to address critical needs. The efforts make a big impact on the community:

  • $1 a week – the cost of a song on iTunes – for a year helps a food pantry purchase more than 305 pounds of food.
  • $3 a week – the cost to rent a pair of bowling shoes – for a year provides training for six volunteer tutors who will read 30 minutes each week with a student in a public school.
  • $5 a week – the cost of breakfast on the go – for a year provides 52 nutritious meals delivered to a homebound senior citizen.
  • $10 a week – the cost of a basic car wash – for a year provides training to eight local disaster relief volunteers.