Hunger Relief Efforts

Meijer is a family company that’s focused on the needs of other families. Food is a fundamental need, but unfortunately, it’s something that many of our neighbors struggle to put on their tables.

As a retailer with a mission to feed people, hunger has been a long-standing philanthropic focus. Meijer historically keeps prices low for customers and was one of the few local retailers to accept government assistance when it was first introduced during the Great Depression.

That commitment extends beyond the walls of each Meijer store, and connects to those who are struggling. In 2008, Meijer began the important work of establishing relationships with local food banks and food pantries across the Midwest to learn more about the needs in the communites we serve.

As a result, Meijer developed what has since become its signature hunger relief program, called Simply Give, that stocks the shelves of food pantries across the Midwest, as well as a Food Rescue program that donates quality food that would otherwise go to waste.

Additionally, Meijer donates reconditioned tractors and trailers from its fleet, as well as food, to nonprofit and food giving organizations.