Zoos & Museums

As Meijer continues to develop community partnerships across our six-state footprint, sometimes we like to help people walk on the wild side, or even step back in time.

We support numerous zoo and museum programs, making it easier and more affordable for families to visit these cultural destinations. The Milwaukee a la Carte at the Zoo presented by Meijer is a popular summer event that draws families who want to enjoy their favorite foods, local bands and see the animals.

Meijer partners with Chicago’s Brookfield Zoo on its annual lights festival, Holiday Magic, and with Louisville Zoo’s annual Halloween party that provides area families with a seasonal celebration. Both events give children opportunities to have fun while exploring the zoo.

Meijer also underwrites free or discounted days at museums, such as the Grand Rapids Art Museum in Michigan and the Milwaukee County Museum. This ongoing support provides an opportunity for students and locals to enjoy these cultural treasures.

Meijer made the gift of covering admission costs to encourage new and returning visitors to explore the galleries and take advantage of tours and other programs the museums offer.

Meijer partners with Greenfield Village and The Henry Ford Museum in Michigan to support activities at these beloved historical destinations.